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Zelda: Link's Awakening - Yarna Desert location, where to find Marin to wake the Walrus in Animal Village

How to complete the steps required to reach the fourth dungeon.

Reaching Yarna Desert is required in order to reach the fourth dungeon in Zelda: Link's Awakening, Angler's Tunnel.

However, as you might anticipate, there's a few things getting in the way first. There's a task to complete in Animal Village just west of the location - where you have to wake the Walrus blocking the way.

You'll need to find Marin to do so, however, and finding Marin's location isn't instantly obvious.

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If you're looking for more assistance, our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough can help.

How to get to Animal Village and the Walrus

To reach Yarna Desert, head south from Kenalet Castle's gates. As the path splits south and right, it's worth going right and up the hill to reach the Seashell Mansion. This is where, once you have enough Secret Seashell locations, you can earn various rewards, including an improved sword.

Speaking of which - whether you have enough for a reward or not, it's worth digging on the glowing spot to the right to activate a new warp point and clearing the grass to the further right still for a Secret Seashell.

Head south now, until you are at the edge of a cliff with water to your right, and seemingly no way to go. Clear the lone bush here to reveal a hidden staircase.

Go through the underground cave - you need your Pegasus Boots to clear the tent blocks - to emerge at the other side of the river.

Head south now then east to arrive at Animal Village. It's smaller than Mabe Village with less to do, with the only real thing to get on with is to talk to the Chef Bear in the right house, allowing you to continue the trading sequence, swapping the Honeycomb for the Pineapple.

Between talking to the residents and heading to the very south coast, you'll discover a Walrus blocking the path, and only Marin's voice can wake it up. Between the coast and the village is a warp point, so activate it and head as far west as you can to go back to Mabe Village and find Marin.

(While in Mabe Village, if you haven't already, it's worth visiting the Dream Shrine in the north to get the Ocarina.)

Where to find Marin's location to wake the Walrus

In Mabe Village, you'll discover Marin isn't there. Instead she's to the south on Toronbo Shores. Specifically, you'll find her where you found the sword location.

Talk to her, and she'll then join you, following you around the map until you reach the Walrus.

It's worth heading to the south-west most point of the beach - on the cliff - to unlock a secret cutscene with Marin, only available while she's with you.

Head back to Animal Village, and the Walrus, and Marin will sing and clear it out of the way for you, allowing you to access Yarna Desert.

(Before you head east, it's worth heading to Animal Village and chatting to Marin if you've just got the Ocarina to learn a song - Ballad of the Wind Fish.)

Exploring Yarna Desert

In Yarna Desert, there isn't much else to do but head north to a quicksand pit. Here is a mini-boss against a giant centipede. Simply attack the head with your sword to damage it. To make sure you aren't hit in the process, use Roc's Feather to leap out of the way as soon as you swing.

After enough hits, it'll be downed, giving you the Angler Key.

It's worth noting you should be swallowed up by the pit before you leave - go to the centre - then bomb the wall in the cave you fall into for a Heart Piece.

Our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough and guide can help you with the critical path, including the Eagle's Tower and Turtle Rock dungeons. There's plenty to be done on the side, too - including Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Pieces, Zelda Secret Seashells and the Zelda Link's Awakening trading sequence. Finally, there's also the new Zelda Chamber Dungeons feature to unlock and complete.

Where to find the Mountain Waterfall location

Leave Yarna Desert the way you came in to be told by the owl to find the Mountain Waterfall location. To reach it, you need to go to Tal Tal Heights, by finding Dampe's Shack (where you create Chamber Dungeons, and it's east of where you rescued BowWow earlier) and heading east along a path against the cliff by moving some rocks.

Continue going, down the steps, until you reach a key hole against a waterfall.

Use the Angler Key here to stop the waterfall and open up the dungeon.

Of course, you need to actually get there now. First, go right and activate another warp point to save you travelling later, then head back west along the way you came.

Against the cliffs near Dampe's Hut are two ladders going up the cliff.

Head up the right one and through a cave system, where you can get a Heart Piece as you go (head down the stairs and come back up again, allowing you to move the rocks so you can get to it) and use the Pegasus Boots to destroy the tent block to reach the far exit back on to the cliffs.

Continue going, Pegasus running through the tent blocks and out of the second cave entrance to emerge back outside. Keep going right you'll arrive above the Angler's Tunnel dungeon.

Before you do that, it's worth going into the cave mouth you walked past, where you'll emerge out the top and can speak to Paphal for the next step of the trading sequence.

Paphal wants some "vittles" - in other words, a Pineapple. Doing so gives you Hibiscus in return.

When you're ready, let's head to Angler's Tunnel.

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