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Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Waterblight Ganon boss fight strategy and how to get Mipha’s Grace

How to defeat the Vah Ruta dungeon boss.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Waterblight Ganon is the boss of the Vah Ruta dungeon, and is required to be defeated in order to claim one of the Divine Beasts.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

How to start the Waterblight Ganon boss fight

To begin the Waterblight Ganon fight, you need to have activated all five terminals in the Vah Ruta dungeon. Next, go to the main control unit that's in the room to the right of where you begin.

Before you start, it's recommended you prepare for battle by preparing recipes to help with health and attack, getting yourself a bow, weapons and shield that you're happy with (the Guardian Scouts in this dungeon should have dropped Guardian Swords, which will dish out a good amount of damage) and resting in a soft bed or water bed (found in Zora's Domain) to add temporary hearts.

How to beat Waterblight Ganon boss fight's first phase

Waterblight Ganon holds a long spear and stands at the far end of the room, dishing out physical and area of effect attacks:

  • There is a mid-range stab by raising its right arm and stabbing with the left. Block and strafe out the way if you see this coming.
  • When the spear is raised up, it'll be lowered down with some force and cause a shockwave all around him when close enough - back away when you see this happening with your shield raised to avoid damage.
  • A wide swipe that can reach far into the distance - it's telegraphed quite obviously so sprint back as far as you can. If you get caught, then a good shield should block the damage.
  • Waterblight Ganon can also throw the spear at you - again, it's easily telegraphed, and it should land just behind you, so strife to the sides instead of backwards to miss it. After this is a good time to rush in for a few strikes as he'll take a moment to regenerate his spear.

Our recommendation is to play it safe, have your shield up at all times, observing his tells and rushing in after you've just avoided an attack, and get back out again. You can rush behind and slash away, but beware of the shockwave that might come at any moment.

If you wish to attack from a distance, then arrows at its eye for a critical attack can work too, though obviously leaves you open for attack while the bow is drawn.

How to beat Waterblight Ganon boss fight's second phase

For the second phase, things are a little simpler. The room will flood with water and four platforms will appear near the corners, and Waterblight Ganon will hang from one of the ceiling corners and throw ice projectiles your way.

Smash them with an arrow - like with the Ruta entrance, wait until they're nice and close for an easy hit - then aim at Ganon's head for critical damage. After one or two arrows, it should drop down. Quickly swim across to the nearest platform and swipe away with your weapon while it's dazed, and repeat the process until it's done for.

Thanks to a new update, it's now possible to play Zelda Breath of the Wild in VR. Want help with the main game? Our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough can help complete Divine Beasts Vah Ruta, Vah Rudiana, Vah Medoh and Vah Naboris and more. There's also how to get the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and all Zelda Captured Memories and Great Fairy Fountain locations, while our Shrines locations and Shrine maps hub explains where to find and solve every puzzle room, including dragon locations and Labyrinth solutions. We also have a DLC 1 guide and DLC 2 guide, including all Tingle, Majora's Mask, Phantom, Midna outfit locations.

After the Waterblight Ganon boss fight

With the battle over, you'll be given a Heart Container - make sure you pick it up before you leave, or it is likely gone for good! - and a cutscene where you'll receive Mipha's Grace.

This is a new ability that, when charged, will see you automatically be resurrected with full health plus temporary bonus hearts.

After the cutscene with the King back in Zora's Domain, the Vah Ruta quest is complete.

Be sure to chat to him again for some further story and also open the chest on the left for a 22 strength Lightscale Trident. From here, it's worth heading north to another Divine Beast - such as Vah Rudiana, Vah Medoh and Vah Naboris - or you could pay a visit to the legendary sword the King hints at, the Master Sword, if you fancy going off the beaten path. If this is your final Beast, and you're ready, then it's time to Destroy Ganon and complete the game.

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