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Zelda - Hawa Koth and The Current Solution trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to find and solve the Wasteland region trial.

Hawa Koth is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the The Current Solution trial, is a puzzle that has you use magnesis to manipulate electrical currents. Get it right, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Hawa Koth

The Hawa Koth shrine is located within the Wasteland region, specifically in the farthest reaches of the desert, due south-west of Gerudo Town. To get there, head out of Gerudo Town and walk due south-west through the desert - and be prepared for a spot of combat with bokoblins on the way.

Follow that direction into a sandstorm, and keep an eye out for a giant set of bones in the desert, where you'll find the shrine and a nearby Fairy Fountain.

There's no puzzle to solve here in order to access the shrine, so simply dive in when you're ready (and have managed to find it!).

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Hawa Koth and The Current Solution trial solution

Inside, you first need to pick up the two metal cubes with magnesis, and balance them on the small pedestals to conduct the electric current to the bulb on the right.

Head through the now-opened door to the next room, and look to the right to see a metal chest in the water. Pick it up with magnesis to get the reward of an Ancient Core.

Then, untangle the electrified ball and chain from the pillar, in order to connect it to the nearby bulb and conduct the current.

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Ride the now-activated platform up to the raised level, and pick up the next electrified ball in front of you.

Your task here is to carry it forwards through the maze of bulbs at walking level, without touching any of them - doing so will tip the platform up and dunk you in the water.

Plop the ball on the socket high up to your right as you go, to gain access to a chest next door containing a Gold Rupee, worth 300 Rupees.

Then take the ball back off that socket, and place it on the one at the end of the bridge, to partially get the current going towards the exit door - you'll need another cog to complete the circuit, which you'll find in the next room to the right.

In the next room, you need to create a clear route for the current by lining up the large stones on the ground. First, stand on the button to tip the stones away from you, and then use magnesis to move the metal oblong to the far right.

Hop off the button, and when the stones drop back towards you, then freeze the nearest cube of the central column with stasis.

Quickly hop back on the button so the rest tip away, and as quick as you can, grab that metal oblong and slide it one step to the left, so that it blocks the centre and right-hand columns.

Then step off the button, and the blocks will line up, opening the nearby gate. Inside is the cog you need, which can be moved with magnesis, and behind that is a chest, containing a valuable Sapphire.

Carry the cog back to the previous room, and place it on the peg above the exit, thus completing the circuit.

And with that, you're all done!

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