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Zelda - Kuh Takkar and the Melting Ice Hazard trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to solve the Gerudo region trial.

Kuh Takkar is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Melting Ice Hazard trial, is a puzzle that has you carry a block of ice past several flaming obstacles. Get it right, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Kuh Takkar

The Kuh Takkar shrine is located within the Gerudo region, specifically in the frostier part of the region, north-east of Gerudo Tower. To get there, glide north-east from the tower, don some cold-proof gear, and treck pretty much due north-east..

You know you're near when you reach a large camp of lizalfos, and the shrine itself is hidden behind a large block of ice.

To get inside, you'll need to melt the ice - this takes about five flame arrows, or for a much slower method you can light a fire at the base of the ice block - beware of the nearby enemies though, although you can get five fire arrows from a chest near the lizalfos camp if you need them.

Kuh Takkar and Melting Ice Hazard trial solution

Inside, you'll need to navigate through the series of flaming obstacles whilst carrying the block of ice in the centre of the room.

Before doing that though, pick up the block of ice and head just to your left, where there's a small alcove in the wall.

Put the block of ice flush against the ledge on the left of the alcove, and you can climb on top to open a chest, which contains a Frostblade.

Now to the challenge itself. First, head up the ramp carrying the cube, and zig-zag carefully through the flame pillars.

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Then, at the spinning flame obstacle, you'll need to throw the ice cube through when there's an opening, then run through after it.

Next, there are horizontal flames that will melt the ice if you try to run through carrying it. Pop the ice cube down and run through on your own, and you'll see a large metal cube that can be lifted out of a laval pool with magnesis.

Carry the cube back to the horizontal flames, and place it in front of them to clear a path. You may need to do this in two goes to clear it safely.

When you're out the other side, put the big cube back in the lava and step onto it holding the ice.

Throw the ice to the other side from there, and then jump after it.

Now, you're faced with a wall of several flame pillars. Use the metal cube again to block them, and run by carrying the cube.

After that, there's a wall of vertical flames coming from above. You need to throw the ice cube through them and out the other side first.

Then, pick up the metal cube once more with Magnesis, and hold it directly above your head. You can then walk through the flames safely as the cube blocks them.

Carry the ice cube up the ramp to the exit, and you're all done!

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