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Zelda - Ree Dahee and Timing is Critical trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to beat the Duelling Peaks challenge.

Ree Dahee is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Timing is Critical trial, is a puzzle that has you use pressure plates to change the evironment at just the right time. Get it right, and you can walk out a victor.

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Where to find Ree Dahee

The Ree Dahee shrine is located within the Dueling Peaks region, specifically between the Dueling Peaks themselves, on the north side of the river that runs between. To get there, you need to head due east from the Great Plateau region, and past the Dueling Peaks Tower.

Once you're at the Dueling Peaks Tower, you can paraglide off of it to the east, and land on a ledge at the side of the northern cliff face. From there, carry on following it round and the Ree Dahee Shrine will be there on your left.

There's no puzzle to solve here in order to access the shrine, so simply dive in when you're ready.

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Ree Dahee and Timing is Critical trial solution

There are no clues or even rune abilities to lean here, so start by simply walking forward and standing on the pressure plate.

This will trigger the large platform ahead of you to tilt downwards to the right, allowing a ball to roll down it and into the hole on the right hand side. This will trigger a small platform to start moving towards you, which will take you over to the next stage.

Next up, a pressure plate with two platforms under its control. Stand on the plate, and the platforms will tilt, with the ball rolling down the top one towards the bottom. If you stay on the pressure plate though, the ball will fly off the end. You need to step off the plate at just the right time - when the ball's about three quarters of the way down the first platform - to get them to switch directs again, and set it rolling down the lower platform.

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The third puzzle requires you to hop off the pressure plate at the right time again, this time making the ball do a little jump into the hole on the right. Time this one a little later than the last.

Finally, there's an additional optional puzzle for a chest, that's located up at the top left of the trial after the third puzzle. To solve this one, you need to climb down to the right of the last puzzle, to the lower level where the ball is. There's a ladder to the right of the final podium, or you can just hop down.

Down there, you then need to pick up one of the two barrels, using your Magnesis rune, and place one back up on the level you came from.

Then, climb back up, and carry it to the moving platform that took you there, and head back across to the previous pressure plate. Drop the barrel on the plate, and then head back to the end platform.

You'll see it's now at a slant, which allows you to hop off the moving platform and walk up to the left to reach the chest. Inside, there's a pretty solid reward for you, the Climber's Bandanna.

After that, head back to the end platform and talk to the spirit at the end, to complete the trial.

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