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Zelda - Kaam Ya'tak and Trial of Power solution in Breath of the Wild

How to solve the Central region trial.

Kaam Ya'tak is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Trial of Power, is a puzzle that has you overcome a variety of obstacles with combat, Stasis, Magnesis and even the motion controls of your joypad. Get it right though, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Kaam Ya'tak

The Kaam Ya'tak shrine is located within the Central region, specifically just to the south west of Central Tower. To get there, you can glide pretty much directly to the shrine from the top of central tower by heading south west.

Alternatively, you can approach the shrine by heading north towards the central tower on the road from Outskirt Stable (which starts out going east until it turns northwards).

There's no puzzle to solve here in order to access the shrine, so simply dive in when you're ready.

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Kaam Ya'tak and Trial of Power solution

This trial is one of the longest around, so strap in. First things first, on entering you'll be faced with a pair of stone doors, and a large stone ball attached to a smaller ball inside some metal railing.

To open the doors, use Magnesis on the smaller ball at the top, and drag it as far back as possible, before releasing it and letting the force of gravity swing the larger ball into the doors.

On the other side, you're met with spiked metal balls rolling across the path in either direction. Freeze them with Stasis to progress.

At the end of the passage, you'll find two Guardian Scouts to your left. Take them out by any means necessary - we always try to practice our perfect parrying on them where possible, as these two deal relatively low amounts of damage - and then check out the area behind them.

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Behind those two Guardian Scouts is a chest, containing a good sword called Edge of Duality, and another stone ball on top of a wooden ledge. To get the stone ball down, cut the rope holding the flame lamb above the flammable leaves in front of it.

The ball will roll all the way to the other end of the area and open another large set of stone doors. After passing through them turn immediately left to find a chest with a Knight's Broadsword inside.

Progress up the steps and round the corner, and you'll find another pair of low level Guardian Scouts - the weapons dropped by the last pair, or acquired from the last two chests, should make short work of them.

You'll see another large pair of stone doors to the left, and a battering ram behind a gate to the right, but ignore those for now and continue around the corner.

You'll come to a narrow corridor with a stone panel on the floor in front of you shortly - this is actually a kind of seesaw, and will tip you down into the void beneath if you don't freeze it with Stasis or sprint across quickly enough.

After that, you'll see a massive hammer out to your left, by two large balls on a track, with some obstacles in front of them. Essentially, you need to move this hammer so as to whack the first ball, which will propel the next one across the obstacle course and into some more stone doors that need opening.

How do you do that? By climbing up to a podium ahead of you, and using a device that works with the gyroscopic functions of your controller. Note that you need to use the Wii U gamepad, and not a pro controller, if playing on Wii U.

It's simple enough to grasp - just keep hammering away until it works!

With those doors open, quickly grab an Ancient Core from the chest beside them, and follow the path until you reach the next puzzle: a pressure plate, and another large ball in front of a ramp, a gap, and another of those tipping seesaw panels in the floor.

First, shoot the flammable leaves under the ball with a fire arrow lit from the torch nearby. This will set the ball rolling, literally - it'll fall down the hole for now, but they keep appearing after that, so don't worry.

Then, freeze the seesaw panel with Stasis, then turn to face the ball, and step on the pressure plate to trigger the ramp beneath the dropping ball to flip upwards, and propel the ball to your frozen panel and beyond.

Try to time it so that you step on the plate just as the ball is reaching the end of that first ramp.

That'll open the next set of doors, and now you're back by the battering ram you saw earlier. Step on the pressure plate behind it to drop the gate.

Then, cast Stasis on the ram, and hit it several times with any weapon. When the Stasis breaks, the ram will go flying forwards along the track, and knock through the next set of doors.

Before you go running through though, quickly turn back and you'll see a destructible stone wall - blow it up with a bomb to access a chest behind, with a Silver Rupee inside.

Finally, as you head towards the exit, there's one last chest to get, behind some bars in front of you. Simply walk round to the side of the cage and you can get to it from the back side, receiving a rare Diamond for your trouble.

Last but not least, it's time to leave! Stand on the floor panel just in front of the crystal near the caged chest, and hit it once. It'll send you flying up in the air, where you can paraglide down to the exit platform, and leave.

That's your lot here - good work!

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