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Zelda - Rucco Maag and Five Torches trial solution in Breath of the Wild

How to find and clear the Lanayru Region trial.

Rucco Maag is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Five Flames trial, is a puzzle that has you hit crystals to spin a central block, and try to light multiple torches on fire. Get it right, and you'll walk out a success.

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Where to find Rucco Maag

The Rucco Maag shrine is located within the Lanayru Tower region, specifically south-east of Lanayru Tower, near the border to the Hateno region. To get there, your best bet is travelling on foot from Zora's Domain.

Follow the path up into the hills from Zora's Domain, until you reach a high point where it swings to a sharp right. There, you should be able to turn left instead, and reach a large dam, along with the reservoir that plays home to the first Divine Beast.

Paraglide south from the dam, to the left of the river, and then it's just a short way on foot to the shrine. There's no puzzle to solve here in order to access the shrine, so simply dive in when you're ready.

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Rucco Maag and Five Flames trial solution

On entering the Rucco Maag shrine, you'll see a block with three crystals on it, and a larger block with multiple torches, one of which is alight.

Your job here is to get all five torches alight at the same time, which means rotating that central block without any of the torches touching the water. The easiest way to do that is to start a fire, by dropping a pile of logs on the floor, then a piece of flint on top of it, and hitting it with a metal weapon.

With your campfire lit, now you can set alight standard arrows and fire them to each torch, making things considerably quicker.

Before you do that though, there are two chests to get, on the wall behind the big cube, which simply involves hitting their respective platforms with a fire arrow to destroy them, so the chests drop down.

The left chest contains an Opal, and the right a Silver Bow.

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With the chests out of the way, head back to your campfire and the crystals on the block. Hit the top crystal, with the arrow that points left on it, with an arrow. This will turn the big cube anticlockwise, and in turn touch the already lit torch to the one on the left hand wall, lighting that one too.

Now, shoot fire arrows at the remaining three torches: one on the right pillar, one which is now at the top of the cube, and one that's now on the front.

That leaves all five lit at once, and both chests collected - meaning you're all done!

Note that, if you don't have arrows or the materials for starting a campfire, you can still solve this trial simply by rotating the cube in the right sequence, but you won't be able to get the two chests, and it'll take you a little longer.

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