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Zelda - Toh Yahsa, Trial of Thunder and Buried Secrets solutions in Breath of the Wild

How to find and beat Toh Yahsa, Trial of Thunder and Buried Secrets.

Toh Yahsa is one of the many shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Found in the Ridgeland region, it is accessible once you have completed the Trial of Thunder shrine quest, and features the Buried Secrets trial.

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Finding Toh Yahsa and complete Trial of Thunder

You'll find this shrine at the Thundra Plateau in the Ridgeland region. It's right next to Ridgeland Tower; glide off to the west and head towards the ruins in the corner of the swamp. When you touch down, you'll be given the Trial of Thunder shrine quest.

The aim is to track down four coloured orbs and place them in their pedestals. Since it is raining, thundering and there are several orbs are on high platforms, it is much easier if you:

  • Use a two-handed weapon (there is a Rusty Claymore resting against the green pedestal if you need it)
  • Have Revali's Gale (the reward for completing the Vah Medoh Divine Beast for the Rito) which allows you to boost up into the air without needing to climb
  • Unequip all metal objects to stop you getting hit by lightning

When you are ready, the orbs are found in the following places:

  • Red Orb - To the east, on a platform. The easiest way is to use Stasis on it, then hit it with a weapon towards the pedestals.
  • Purple Orb - On the ground next to the purple pedestal.
  • Orange Orb - To the north, on a platform. We recommend using Revali's Gale to fly over, then using Statis to knock the Orb to the pedestals. Alternatively, you could try hitting it with an arrow to knock it down.
  • Green Orb - Look up on top of the pedestal and it'll be sitting there. Revali's Gale is your best bet, otherwise arrows can knock it down. Note there are multiple ledges, so it could take a few shots.

Once they are in place, the Shrine will appear.

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Toh Yahsa and Buried Secrets solution

Equip your Bomb rune and blow up every cracked block you can in this room, both in front of and behind the ladder ahead of you. You'll reveal a metal box, as well as a giant switch behind the ladders.

First, let's get the optional chests. Use the box to raise it up to the side column, and knock the chest down, giving you an Opal. The second chest is an alcove underneath where you begin, revealed with all the blocks gone. Inside is the useful Rubber Armor.

To complete the Shrine, the metal box must be used in the following ways. Move it between the small platform in the middle and the ladder, using it as a stepping stone to climb up.

Destroy some more cracked blocks as you go, then turn around and use Magnesis on the metal box from above, moving it behind the ladder onto the giant switch, opening the door.

Now climb up and claim your Spirit Orb.

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