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Zelda - Yokawa Ita and Collected Soul solution in Breath of the Wild DLC 2

How to complete the DLC 2 trial.

Yokawa Ita and Collected Soul are two challenges as part of The Champions' Ballad, which is the main quest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC.

This page covers the camp you'll face before tackling the Yokawa Ita shrine and Collected Soul trial.

If you're after help for the main game itself, then consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

Clearing the camp before Yokawa Ita

Leave the Shrine of Resurrection and you'll find yourself on a cliff overlooking the Great Plateau below.

All four enemy camps will be spread out before you and clearing it one of its patrolling enemies will unlock a special shrine unique to each location. To begin, leap off the cliff and glide towards the marker to the far-left of the area.

This is the Forest of Spirits. Glide towards the giant log that's been split in half. Aim at the bokoblin on sentry duty on the left-hand side, land on the long, run its length towards the tower and glide over to it.

Climb up, using 'X' to jump and clear the distance above you. Take out the tougher bokoblin up here, and jump and glide clear to avoid the swarm of keese that are circling the tower.

There are five more bokoblins down below, two with clubs, one with a spear and two with lightning rods. Stealth and ranged attacks are vital here, so use the cover of the trees to ambush each one.

The clubbed enemies can be defeated with the Obliterator, but use your arrows on the ones with the lightning rods and the spear. When each enemy has been defeated (not including the keese), a shrine will rise from the ground.

Yokawa Ita Shrine - Collected Soul

Activate the shrine in the usual way, then enter its doorway to begin the Collected Soul shrine challenge. Don't worry if you die in here, you'll simply be returned to the start of the shrine, rather than outside where you may have saved before.

To begin, run forwards over the orange crater in the floor and down the ramp. Watch out here because four channels, situated on either side of the ramp, will drop balls and spiked balls.

A single hit will kill you after all, so keep to the right and run across the bridge that leads to the next platform.

Now use Magnesis to control the metal bowl in front of you. Carefully walk towards the edge and use the bowel to catch one of the medium-sized, orange balls that are periodically bouncing off the nearby platform.

There's also a chest that will fall down, containing a bunch of Bomb Arrows. Use of the orange balls in the orange crater next to you to open the gate and reveal a chest containing a Phrenic Bow (with a Quick Shot modifier).

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Now catch the small orange ball with the metal bowl and move it onto the platform you're standing on. Pick up the ball, and carry back towards the area where you started.

Don't sprint or crouch as you'll drop the ball, likely causing it to fall off the edge of the ramp. Stick to the right-hand-side of the ramp, using the small pillars to dodge the balls.

When you reach the first orange crater, drop the ball into it to unlock the final room, the Monk and the end of the shrine.

If you haven't already, time to take on the three other camps and shrines nearby.

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