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Zelda - Kami Omuna, Moving Targets solution in Breath of the Wild DLC 2

How to complete DLC 2 trial Kami Omuna.

Kami Omuna, Moving Targets is a challenge as part of The Champions' Ballad, which is the main quest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC.

It is part of EX Champion Daruk's Song, which you'll tackle halfway through the DLC.

If you're after help for the main game itself, then consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

Where to find Kami Omuna

To find this first trial, warp to Vah Rudania, glide over Death Caldera and head towards the northern shores of Lake Darman. See that glowing lump of rock in the lava lake?

That's a Talus, and you'll need to defeat it to open the shrine. To do this, have plenty of Ice Arrows and a strong, stone-based weapon such as a Boulder Breaker.

Approach the edge of the shore and the Talus will rise. Glide to ride the updrafts and use Ice Arrows to cool its back (turning it black). Three should be enough. Drop down and start hitting the ore spike sticking out of its back. It will take about ten shots to kill it, but the monster will eventually throw you off.

Watch out for the lava rocks it throws at you. One hit will zap all your health. It will eventually turn its back hot again so repeat the process to bring it down. The next shrine will rise out of the ground on the shores you were just standing on.

Kami Omuna, Moving Targets solution

The shrine - Moving Targets - is a lot of fun to complete and involves using moving cannons to hit glowing targets on the walls around the shrine. Equip your Remote Bomb and approach the cannon to your left. Drop it inside the chute, then hit the crystal.

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Each hit of the crystal will make the cannon move from left to right and vice versa. Simply detonate the bomb just before the chute is aiming at the target to hit it.

The second target is further back, higher /and/ moving up and down but it's not that difficult to strike. Simply follow the same process and you should hit the target, opening the first set of gates and bringing you one step closer to the Monk. Run through the opening and look to your right to find another canon.

This one's a little fiddly. Use the console to your right to control the apparatus with the target on it. Move it around so the target is facing you - don't worry, the apparatus won't move once you stop controlling it. Once again, load up the cannon with a Remote Bomb and detonate just before to hit the target.

The final section involves you carefully moving the apparatus with your motion controls so that a gap can be seen inside - this should reveal the next target on the wall.

With a big enough gap you should be able to hit the target with your moving cannon. When the last target it struck, the final gate to the Monk will open. Claim your emblem.

Other shrines to complete for EX Champion Daruk's Song are:

If you have completed the above as well as all other EX Champion Song shrines and their bosses, you can then progress to The Divine Trial, the final dungeon in DLC 2.

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