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Zelda - Kiah Toza, Master the Orb solution in Breath of the Wild DLC 2

How to complete DLC 2 trial Kiah Toza.

Kiah Toza, Master the Orb is a challenge as part of The Champions' Ballad, which is the main quest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC.

It is part of EX Champion Revali's Song, which you'll tackle halfway through the DLC.

If you're after help for the main game itself, then consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

Where to find Kiah Toza

This challenge is relatively easy to pull off, but can be tricky to reach in the first place. You'll be shield-surfing always down Hebra Peak so warp to Hebra Tower, glide down towards the marker shown in the screenshot and start ascending the peak.

Having a bit extra stamina will help here. You'll likely encounter wolves, undead moblins and ice lizalfos, but most can be run straight past without too much of an issue.

Near the summit, and at the top of a tundra-covered hill, you'll see a familiar, blue portal. Run through it, hold 'ZL', press 'X' then 'A' while in midair to initiate a shield-surf.

There will be a few obstacles - such as undead moblins, rogue wildlife and some rolling snowballs, but the trip down should be relatively easy. Watch out for a big gap near the start. You'll need to glide across but the updraft beneath you is OP so you'll need to drop the reglide to get yourself near the ground again.

Pass through the final portal at the bottom of the route and you'll reveal the next shrine. There are quite a few undead moblins in this area so be careful you don't get ambushed from behind once you dismount from your makeshift snowboard.

Kiah Toza, Master the Orb solution

In the shrine - Master the Orb - you'll need to guide a ball down a series of obstacles and use to gain access to the Monk on the far-right side of the room.

To do this, ride the updraft up to the point where the ball starts its journey. You can now use Cryonis to climb the stone block here, before using another to raise it up. Climb the ladder and claim the bow inside the chest.

Drop down two levels and you'll see two metal blocks hanging on the corner of the course. Use Magnesis to pull the right-hand one to the left, and the left-hand one to the right, to create a corner.

Now move the metal slabs further along the course so they line up. See that orange button just past them, and the seesaw below it on the next level? You'll need those in a minute.

Drop down to the level with the updraft fan. Face the course and you'll see a wall of water. Place two pillars of ice with Cryonis in a staggered affect to the ball can drop them to reach the next level.

Float back up to the level with the orange button and await the ball. The travelator will now be running the right way - when the ball is clear, hit the seesaw with Stasis then drop back down to the level with the updraft fan.

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As the ball rolls over the ice pillars you created, run over to the orange button. Don't run onto it yet - wait until the ball drops on top of that stone pillar.

Run on the button to extend the pillar, sending the ball flying like a pinball table.

The ball should bounce into the crater, revealing the Monk. Speak to it to get your next emblem and end the shrine.

Other shrines to complete for EX Champion Revali's Song are:

If you have completed the above as well as all other EX Champion Song shrines and their bosses, you can then progress to The Divine Trial, the final dungeon in DLC 2.

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