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YouTubers will soon receive money raised during Content ID disputes

New system will set earned revenue aside for whoever's found in the right.

YouTubers will soon be able to receive revenue made during Content ID claim disputes.

As is, if a YouTuber uploads a video and someone else claims the video was theirs first, YouTube prevents anyone from receiving revenue while the situation is sorted. This is unfortunate for those wrongly accused of cribbing content as even if they're in the right, by the time the dispute is resolved it's too late for them to receive the money they should have been earning during that time.

"Currently videos that are claimed and disputed don't earn revenue for anyone, which is an especially frustrating experience for creators if that claim ends up being incorrect while a video racks up views in its first few days," YouTube said of the old system in a blog post on the matter.

Now YouTube is developing a new system where it funnels the revenue made during a Content ID dispute into a separate account, and rewards it to whoever the company deems in the right once the conflict is settled.

"When both a creator and someone making a claim choose to monetise a video, we will continue to run ads on that video and hold the resulting revenue separately. Once the Content ID claim or dispute is resolved, we'll pay out that revenue to the appropriate party," the company explained.

YouTube said this new system will roll out "in the coming months".

"We strongly believe in fair use and believe that this improvement to Content ID will make a real difference," YouTube said of the upcoming system.

The video-hosting company will also implement measures to catch accounts who repeatedly make faulty Content ID claims.

"Making sure our Content ID tools are being used properly is deeply important to us, so we've built a dedicated team to monitor this," Youtube stated. "Using a combination of algorithms and manual review, this team has resolved millions of invalid claims in the last year alone, and acted on millions more before they impacted creators. The team also restricts feature access and even terminates a partner's access to Content ID tools if we find they are repeatedly abusing these tools."

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