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YouTuber presents a copy of Undertale to the Pope

Let us play.

Undertale fans are known for being a little pushy when it comes to ensuring their game receives the attention they feel it deserves, but this perhaps takes it to the next level.

YouTuber MatPat, known for his popular game and film theory videos, recently met His Holiness, Pope Francis, as part of an event designed to explore how the internet can bring people together.

Along with a number of other high profile YouTubers, MatPat was encouraged to bring a gift for the Pope, as is customary when meeting the head of the Catholic church. MatPat decided on indie role-playing game, Undertale.

In an enthusiastic 16-minute video, he explains why he settled on this game in particular.

"Because regardless of how you feel about this game, Undertale represents an evolution for gamers and what they expect from the games that they play," MatPat explained. "Making it the single best representative of where we are as a community today."

As Undertale is yet to see a physical release, it's thought that His Holiness received a Steam code for the game, although we don't yet know if he's activated it.

Eurogamer has asked the Vatican for comment.

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