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YouTuber creates adapter to play PS5 with one hand

It's 3D printed for anyone to access.

A YouTuber has created an adapter for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller allowing it to be played with one hand.

Akaki Kuumeri is responsible for the design, which adds a snap-on adapter allowing the left stick to be manoeuvred by balancing the controller on a thigh or flat surface and moving the entire controller.

The adapter would be helpful for players unable to use both hands at once. It's especially notable as Sony is yet to release an official equivalent to Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller.

That's why designers are experimenting with different options. Kuumeri's design was part of a one-handed controller contest, with plenty of other designs for other controllers.

The adapter allows for all inputs to be accessed on the right-side of the controller, including extra triggers. With some practice, both L2 and R2 can be pressed with one finger.

An additional snap-on contraption provides extra inputs on the right to access the D-pad on the left.

Best of all, the adapter has been created with a 3D printer and Kuumeri has uploaded the design online so anyone interested can recreate it.

You can check out a video of the adapter in action below (thanks to The Gamer for the tip).

Adapters and peripherals such as this could be a major step forward for accessibility in games, when Sony has remained quiet on the subject and instead has focused on a new VR headset and making controllers out of bananas.

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