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"You got clobbered"

Alexa is your personal Call of Duty WW2 coach - and she's not pulling any punches.

If you're rubbish at Call of Duty WW2 you can now ask Alexa for tips.

The new Call of Duty Skill is your "personal voice-controlled reconnaissance scout", according to Activision. After a match you can ask Alexa how you did. Here's an example response:

"Let me break it down for ya. You got clobbered."

You can then ask Alexa how to improve your skills, and you might be advised to use a grip to improve your accuracy or try a particular basic training. Ask which division to use and you'll get a suggestion.

The more you play, the more Alexa will learn, a bit like a creepy AI drill instructor.

Here's the official blurb:

"The Call of Duty Alexa Skill employs AI and machine learning to create personalised recommendations, including specific loadouts, play styles, maps, modes, perks and divisions for each player. Using cluster analysis, the machine learning model analyses more than 20 factors, including accuracy, movement, engagement distance, K/D, shots, score per minute, time played and relationships to other players to make personalised recommendations for each player. The Skill then employs natural language generation to create personalised responses to 2500 questions about the game and an individual's performance. Using a soldier-like voice, the Skill can deliver 250,000 distinct responses that incorporate real-time statistics, status and recommendations from the game."

Drilling down into the detail, the Call of Duty Alexa skill has 15 categories of features, including:

  • Personalised recommendations to improve your skills
  • Match summaries, and highlights of your recent gameplay
  • Social features, including whether friends are currently playing, and comparing your stats and achievements to theirs
  • Contract and order status, both during and after a match, so that you see how close you are to completing the contract and earning a reward
  • Latest in-game news, including events and game updates
  • Game and features descriptions

As someone who's put a lot of time into Call of Duty WW2 competitive multiplayer, I can't see this Alexa skill making a serious dent in my kill-death ratio, or helping me to master quick scoping. But I'll give it a shot, just for the novelty of being told I'm rubbish at the game by an AI who will someday rule the earth.

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