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You can spend £8 on a hat in Pokémon Go

Meowth, hat's right.

The emperor's new Magikarp.

Anyone remember how much it cost to buy a bicycle back in Pokémon Red?

A shade under million quid, or Pokédollars, technically, until you were given one for free. How about that bloke who sold a Magikarp for $500-odd? Or maybe the rare, million-dollar Slowpoke Tails in Pokémon Gold and Silver?

Anyway, the point is Pokémon has a bit of a history when it comes to completely rinsing you for random items, so it should come as no surprise that a top hat in Pokémon Go will set you back eight real-world, solid, space-and-time-occupying actual British Pounds.

What does this hat do? Well, nothing of course, because this is 2017, and if players want to spend their bulging pockets' worth of change on a cosmetic item that literally no one can see without borrowing your phone - aside from if you hold a Gym of course, as rightfully pointed out by a commenter here - then they should darn well be allowed to.


The aristocratic garment range comes with the latest update to Pokémon Go - the one which brought with it over 80 new Gen 2 Pokémon that we've covered in our guide and beyond - and does also provide a welcome bit of personalisation to your character.

The prices are actually somewhat flexible - it depends how much bulk-buying you fancy doing of the in-game currency - but at the basic price of 99p per 100 Coins, this is what you'll get.

As well as dropping £8 on a hat - or a fiver on the kind of gaudy t-shirt I definitely wore as a 12-year-old trying to learn how to skateboard for the first and last time - you can also do a bit of free modification to your in-game look, like removing your gloves, backpack, and headband-thing, or even changing your physical attributes like hair and skin tone. You can also, crucially, take off your shoes.

It's not all skin-deep though, as alongside the clothes and the new Pokémon, there are also plenty of new evolution items like the Up-Grade, new capture items like the Pinap and Nanab Berries, and plenty more. We're actually having quite a lot of fun diving back in, and all the better if we look damn good doing it.

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