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Yoshi heads US VC update

Air "Zonk" follows.

Another week and three more games line up on the US Virtual Console, giving us a slight insight into what us Europeans might be treated to on Friday.

NES nibble Yoshi is first out of the traps, a puzzle action game where you have to catch critters falling from the sky and match them up to make them disappear - a bit like Tetris. If you can do all that and line up the eggshells that have Yoshi imprisoned in them, then out he'll pop and up your score will go. The further you progress the faster the various nasties fall out of the sky.

Up next is Air "Zonk", originally for the TurboGrafx-16. It's a side-scrolling shooter inspired by the Bonk's Adventure series and set in a cartoonish, cyberpunk future. In it you and your Team Cool have to stop the evil King Drool from taking over the world, collecting Air Bones to unleash unique attacks or fighting together in invincible hybrid styles. But don't expect anything too serious - this is firmly in the realms of tongue-in-cheek.

Last but not least is Mach Rider, a motorbike-based game released across Europe in May.

Remember that NES games will set you back 500 Wii points, while TurboGrafx-16 titles cost 600.

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