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Xevious hits Wii VC

Not much excitement today.

Those of you hoping for a bumper Virtual Console update on the back of this week's 36 new games in Q1 announcement are going to be disappointed, because Nintendo tells us Xevious is today's only release.

Originally a Namco arcade game in the early '80s, Xevious was obviously ported to the NES at some point and that's what your 500 Wii points will get you today. Revolutionary at the time (thanks Wikipedia!), Xevious is alright and that but you'd probably have to be a bit desperate to want it here.

Especially as it's been bundled in several previous compilations (Namco Museum for one), and released as part of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance NES Classics series. None of these is the most expensive way to play it, though. For that you'll need to buy an imported PlayStation 3 (si illegales!) and Ridge Racer 7, where you'll find it's available on the loading screen, or while you copy the game files to the hard disk. Woot.

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