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Xbox One X bundles going for £299

Get either Gears 5 or Jedi: Fallen Order

If Digital Foundry's full report on the Xbox Series X has got you excited for the next console generation, then you might also be excited to take advantage of price reductions on the current generation of hardware.

Although not quite as cheap as last month's offers, these bundles for the Xbox One X - currently the world's most powerful console - are nevertheless brand new and come bundled either with Gears 5 or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for just under £300. If you're especially keen on Gears 5, GAME is bundling it with a 2-month subscription of Now TV.

Note that these are the specially created box bundles made for the games' releases last autumn, hence include the extras advertised, such as a one-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass or EA Origins respectively. It's likely the price reductions is to clear remaining stock - the Star Wars bundle at Amazon UK indicates there are just 3 left so you'll want to take advantage of these before they're gone.

Of course, as Xbox Series X's release approaches towards the end of 2020, we should expect further price reductions and bundles for the current hardware. However, due to ongoing disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic, analysts also predict a strong likelihood of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 being delayed out of its holiday 2020. According to the report DFC Intelligence (via VGC), "if the systems do launch, supply will likely be constrained and initial pricing could be higher than expected".

With that in mind, considering that Microsoft is also not planning to make any of its upcoming games nex-gen exclusive for some time, making the most of this generation's most powerful hardware at an affordable price might not be such a bad option.

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