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Xbox 360 sales don't worry SouthPeak

Publisher gets into digital distribution.

SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mroz says she isn't worried about slowing sales of Xbox 360 hardware in its second full year on sale.

"The 360 market is hardly at a standstill," Mroz told Eurogamer as SouthPeak unveiled its first title for Xbox Live Arcade, "and there's plenty of potential for both XBLA and traditional retail, so it'll still be are the core of our plans for time being."

Despite the launch of key games like Halo 3 and Mass Effect in 2007, the Microsoft console only rose from 10.4 million sold in January to just under 18m by year-end.

"We prefer to publish games for their own merits, rather than because of the platform that they're on - there's still plenty of titles coming up and plenty of money to be made!" Mroz added.

SouthPeak's chief executive also said that we can expect more Xbox Live Arcade games from the publisher in future, and that further titles for Nintendo WiiWare and PlayStation Network are possible too.

"We certainly have things in the pipeline, though we can't talk about them just yet. However, rest assured that we'll be announcing further plans for XBLA very shortly," Mroz explained.

"This is something we're certainly considering, as all three online platforms offer a similar scope to Xbox Live Arcade for the kind of titles we like to publish," Mroz said, when asked whether we might also see SouthPeak titles on WiiWare or PSN.

"It would also be great for us to publish titles on every current format - online platforms included. However right now, XBLA is the most established so it'll be our focus for the time being."

If things go well with Things On Wheels though - and Mroz argues that it's "an AAA title" - it could lead the way. "We'd certainly love to put it out on PC or PSN in the future," she says, "but we've got no concrete plans yet - the team is focused on the XBLA version at the moment."

For more on Things On Wheels, check out the announcement write-up and first screenshot.

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