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Xbox 360 dashboard update to mark switch from Microsoft Points to real money - report

Windows 8 heralds change.

Microsoft has begun the switch from using the Microsoft Points virtual currency system to a real money system as the default way to pay on Xbox Live.

As spotted by The Verge, in the Windows 8 beta you are able to pay for content in the Xbox video store using MS Points but the store itself defaults to credit card transactions.

The Verge points out that the change will likely be implemented on Xbox 360 with a new dashboard update due out later this month, which backs up information provided to Eurogamer by a source close to the matter in January 2012. The Windows 8 operating system releases on 26th October.

In January we were told Xbox 360 gamers will still be able to use redeemable codes to buy DLC and other products after Microsoft phases out Microsoft Points, but transactions will be based on the region set on the purchasing account, using real money.

We've asked Microsoft for comment.

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