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XBLA file size to increase?

Microsoft refuses to comment, then does anyway.

Microsoft has refused to comment on rumours that Xbox Live Arcade games are now allowed to use up to 250MB, or even 450MB under some circumstances.

Well, that's what it said it was doing anyway - but after using the traditional line about not commenting on "rumour and speculation", a spokesperson told 1UP that it could always make the change later. "Adjusting the size limit is certainly an option in the future, and, as always, we are listening to feedback both from gamers and developers on what will provide the best user experience," whoever-it-was said. "Whatever choice we make, we will hold a position that provides for the best possible Xbox Live Arcade gameplay experience."

For the moment though, the official line is that Microsoft has "not announced any plans to alter the file size standard for Xbox Live Arcade games," which, you'll recall, is 50MB. Games that have threatened to exceed that number in the past, like Lumines Live, have been split up into downloadable content packs. The only exception is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - due out soon - which was clearly a bit too special for Microsoft to turn away.

One of the reasons for all this faffing around is the Xbox 360 Core System, the cheaper version of the console that lacks a hard disk and, as a result, leaves users forced to store downloadables on 64MB memory cards. But it sounds like Microsoft has some ideas in that department too: "There is already one possible solution in the works for this category of gamer should we decide to increase the Xbox Live Arcade game file size from its current 50MB limit," said Microsoft, continuing not to comment on the rumours and speculation about whether it's going to increase the Xbox Live Arcade game file size from its current 50MB limit.

"As announced at E3 last May, a larger Memory Unit is being developed which will allow gamers who do not own a hard drive to store and easily transport several Xbox Live Arcade games at a time. We have no further details to announce at this time." Alas, sadly this was not followed by the release of full details.

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