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XBLA blaster Ion Assault unveiled

Lovechild of Super Stardust and GeoWars.

Black Inc. has unveiled Xbox Live Arcade game Ion Assault, an retro-style blaster that will be released later this summer for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

Like Geometry Wars and Super Stardust HD, Ion Assault has you control a spaceship and blow wave upon wave of alien enemies to smithereens, using all manner of weaponry and power-ups.

Ion Assault also thinks it looks very nice in the mirror, and boasts millions of particles and "outstanding" visuals. These we have captured for our Ion Assault gallery.

Ships can be upgraded, incidentally, as you progress through a storied campaign spanning four scenarios. Apparently the aliens have stolen some particles and one looks like Robin Williams or something.

Black Inc., incidentally, is a part of German telly network RTL, and the game will be developed by German start-up studio Coreplay.

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Ion Assault

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