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World of Warcraft update 4.3 detailed

Deathwing raid, Transmogrifier headline.

The next update for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm sees you take on Deathwing, Blizzard has revealed.

As reported by Kotaku, the new Deathwing raid is a massive boss fight set partly on the enormous dragon's back as it soars through the air.

Update 4.3, which is currently without a launch date, will also include three new dungeon instances and a couple of major new features.

The Transmogrifier, detailed at length on the game's official site, will allow you to customise the look of an item without sacrificing its stats.

Also new is Void Storage, which offers players additional item slots in return for some in-game cash. However, any item stored in the Void will be stripped of its enchantments, gems and the name of the person who crafted it.

Update 4.3 will be the last patch to include new Cataclysm content, with a new expansion to follow.

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