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Will Sony bring new PS3s to Europe?

"We will consider every possibility."

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will "consider" bringing higher-capacity PlayStation 3s the company just announced for Japan to our shores.

A spokesperson told Eurogamer: "We will consider every possibility based on the market demands, but have nothing to announce at this point in time."

Overnight Sony announced that it will release new higher-capacity versions of the PlayStation 3 in Japan on 29th July. The new hard disk sizes are 160GB and 320GB and the 160GB version will also be sold in white, with matching DualShock 3 and console stand peripherals.

The 160GB PS3 will retail for 29,980 yen (£225 / €271), while the 320GB version will go for 34,980 yen (£262 / €316).

Sony also announced the Japanese PlayStation Move launch line-up.

Move is released in Japan on 21st October (15th September in Europe) and will be escorted to market by six games and a patch for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

SCEE told Eurogamer that the European Move line-up is yet to be finalised, but details are due "soon".

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