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Wild Hearts is anything but a big boar in new 7-minute gameplay trailer

Omega Force's monster hunter out next year.

Following its official reveal last week, seven minutes of new gameplay footage from developer Omega Force's upcoming monster hunting adventure Wild Hearts has been shared online.

Wild Hearts, a collaboration between EA Originals and Koei Tecmo's Omega Force (the studio behind the long-running Warriors series), transplants the creature battling formula most closely associated with Capcom's Monster Hunter games to a fantastical feudal Japan where up to three players can battle mysterious beasts known as Kemono.

Omega Force - which has previous experience in the monster hunting genre, courtesy of its two Toukiden games - has now expanded on Wild Hearts' initial reveal with seven minutes of new, largely uninterrupted gameplay footage.

Wild Hearts - 7 Minutes of Gameplay.

The sequence begins with a solo player exploring the land of Azuma's picturesque coastlines in search of a mighty boar-like creature known as Kingtusk, using a portable zipline to traverse the rocky terrain before launching into battle against their enormous foe. Upon their defeat, the mission begins again with a friend in tow, this time offering a much better look at the diversity of Wild Hearts' beautiful world.

As the battle continues, we get a glimpse at some of Wild Hearts' wonderful Karakuri - magical gadgets used in combat, each unfurling delightfully from self-assembling panels of wood - including a propellor used to glide through the air, a wall-like blockade, and a large bomb that detonates when struck.

It's already looking promising, but expect plenty more from Wild Hearts ahead of its 17th February release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC next year.

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