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Wii painting a possibility

Paint by DS boss pipes up.

Paint by DS producer Jason Harman reckons a similar title could be a possibility for the Wii, although the lack of physical contact might prove to be a burden.

But not to worry, he said smilingly, "The Wii version could include other painting media such as a spray paint can and a roller."

Paint by DS is "a digital colouring book" that challenges you to recreate masterpieces by renowned painters like Cezanne and that one who chopped his ear off. You use the stylus to mix up oil and water-based paints to the right shade and consistency, then slop them around the screen in a paint-by-numbers fashion.

It sounds simple, but Harman is confident Paint by DS can teach us valuable lessons that will help us better understand the world of clever pictures we know as art.

"Not only will your basic understanding of painting be improved, but some of the finer nuances of artistry will have to be used to create your masterpiece," Harman told Eurogamer.

"From mixing paints to creating different colours, or using a pencil or paintbrush on its side for creative art and blending multiple colours - they all add to making Paint by DS an educational as well as relaxing and entertaining game."

There are around 15 colouring-in challenges to complete in total - some tricky enough to tax even the most skilful virtual painter - plus a flurry of mini-games based on famous pictures to distract you. Each masterpiece will take around an hour to do, apparently.

Paint by DS is part of the Zen series of titles from Mercury Games, so called because they are designed to relax as well as stimulate the old thinker. Perfect for a train journey home from work, for instance.

Those announced so far are Aquarium by DS, Fantasy Aquarium by DS, and Match Stick Puzzle by DS. There's more to come soon, too.

Atari will be distributing Paint by DS in the UK on 26th October.

Pop over to our Paint by DS gallery to see what it looks like. Artistic, that's what.

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