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Wii firmware updated

Version 3 ruling roost.

Nintendo has rolled out a new firmware update for the Wii, which is available to download and install right now. Just select Wii System Update from the System Settings, like always.

The most noticeable changes have been made to the Wii menu, where a digital clock now displays the current time. And news and weather display icons will now be replaced by the latest headlines and local forecast, respectively.

Nintendo has also been tweaking the Message Board, which will now flash when there is something to read. You'll also be able to rearrange the order of your friends in your address book, receive a sent message history in Today's Accomplishments, have envelopes appear on your calendar on the date you received a message, and be able to scroll through lengthy deliveries by pressing the B button.

Registering to the Wii Friends service can now be done by pressing A on a blank spot in your address book, too.

The Wii Shop has also undergone a refit. A welcome screen will now recommend you four titles on arrival, and you'll be able to see popular choices, games you've downloaded, products by publisher, and new arrivals in a "What's New?" section. Sounds familiar. On top of that, general searching should now find what you're looking for a little more quickly and reliably.

Something about parental controls flashed up after we had installed the update, too, but we can't tell you what it is. Our parents won't let us. It isn't that we looked away at a Slitherlink in the garden or anything.

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