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Why fans are excited about this leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 map

Wild West follow-up will have larger world, set as a prequel.

Red Dead Redemption fans have been poring over a map which apparently details the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The map first appeared on NeoGAF early last week before being pulled offline. But TechRadar has now posted a clearer version of the map after having it verified by a well-placed source.

Rockstar has yet to announce its Red Dead Redemption sequel, but the developer has previously hinted the project was in production.

For fans, several things immediately stand out - most notably, the appearance of two regions from Red Dead Redemption.

Both the Tall Trees and Great Plains areas will make a return, meaning another visit to the settlement of Blackwater.

But we'll be seeing the regions earlier than before - TechRadar has also discovered the game will be a prequel.

Blackwater could be more akin to the opening settlement of Armadillo in the last Red Dead, although another area - The Grizzlies - is labelled as the game's introduction area.

Putting my American History degree hat on for a moment, it makes sense that the game's map is set further to the east. As a prequel, the Wild West's frontier will have been less advanced at the time.

This also fits with Blackwater not having a railway (sorry, "railroad") on the new map - although new areas further east will.

Setting the game as a prequel may also allow fans to meet characters from the first Red Dead Redemption - many of whom did not make it to the game's end.

Fans have redrawn the map, including that of Red Dead Redemption, to make things clearer.

The new map is larger than that of Red Dead Redemption, although a fair portion of it is made up of water (you can see a clearer version just above, redrawn by MrTibbs). Previously you couldn't swim, although the introduction of underwater areas in GTA5 and the existence of islands on this new map suggests you will be taking to the water.

Another interesting thing to note is the largest settlement on the map: New Bordeaux - a fictional version of New Orleans. Oddly, the city will also be appearing this year in Mafia 3, another 2K-published title, although in a vastly different time period.

A map key denotes towns, settlements, caravan camps, gang hideouts, landmarks, homesteads and robbery locations.

Ranches, dams, coves and cabins all make appearances on the map, along with an island that hosts a prison.

A box-out appears to indicate a small section of the game will be set further south in Mexico.

So, when will we see Red Dead Redemption 2? Grand Theft Auto 5's original launch was all the way back in October 2013 so we're overdue a new game from Rockstar, although any new release will lack the input of long-time exec Leslie Benzies - who is now suing the developer for $150m.

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