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What's New? (14th Sept, 2007)

New PAL releases.

My bosses will no doubt argue that the ability to compose What's New on a train stranded at Watford Junction on the way back to Brighton that doesn't even go to Brighton and will involve switching at Gatwick and probably getting home at 10.30pm is a fantastic thing and a cause for celebration. I am putting that in italics in the hope that they will glance only at it and not this bit about how I disagree and it's rubbish and I wish I was safe at home tucked up in wine.

But I can hardly complain (though do) because when I wake up it will be an exciting day of new games and I am paid to be enthusiastic about that. For instance! Tomorrow (today in your world - do keep up) PS3 owners alone can choose between Colin McRae DiRT and Heavenly Sword! And as if that were not enough, Xbox 360 owners can choose between Fatal Inertia and Stranglehold. And as if that also were also not also enough, Wii owners can pick between Super Paper Mario (it's a straightforward choice, admittedly - and you can't go wrong).

Anyway, that just about covers everything. I apologise that this week's What's New isn't an amusing tale of how Trendy McZeitgeist and Feisty McSpunk spent the whole week flying around the world seeing games and both have amazing stories about castles in Croatia and doing 9 hours' worth of train journeying in one day and then hearing a naughty developer tell a joke that it's much too early to be allowed to repeat in public without being strung up by the Daily Mail and doesn't have a punchline strikingly similar to "Renault Megane" - I do apologise for these things, but I am also so tired that you can just bloody well take it and be grateful. Yeah.

Tomorrow/today/whatever it is also marks the release of the PSP Slim & Lite. In the interests of continuity, somebody send me one. That is all. And some cake.

This week:

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