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Wesker actor wants Resident Evil 6 role

"You guys could bug Capcom."

D.C. Douglas, the voice actor behind Resident Evil 5 ruffian Wesker, has called on Capcom to cast him in Resident Evil 6.

Speaking in an interview with horror gaming site Hell Descent, Douglas revealed he's interested in reprising the role in a sequel.

"Hell yeah! I know RE6 is in the works, so hopefully I'll get a chance to audition for it...or you guys could bug Capcom into casting me in it! ;-) I'm workin' it, baby!"

Douglas later clarified that his claim that a new Resident Evil game was in production was based on internet rumour and speculation, rather than concrete first hand knowledge.

However, given the series' enduring popularity, you'd have to be a lobotomised cohort of the undead to bet against it. Capcom has referenced the title, with Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi confirming he won't be involved with the next game in the series.

If Capcom is to include Wesker in a sequel, it will have to get creative. Last time out, as you might recall, the poor lad was drop-kicked into a lake of molten lava before being shot in the face by dual rocket launchers.

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