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We Are Tekken photo competition: what an odd bunch of pictures

A man with a beaten up face.

Namco Bandai dreamt up a We Are Tekken promotional competition. It challenged Tekken fans to upload to Instagram a picture showing what the series meant to them.

The fighting series. Gamers. Did Namco Bandai realised what it had done?

The top 40 entries from around the world were revealed today, as well as the overall winner. And my, what an eclectic bunch.

There are dodgy cartoon pictures, staged fight scenes, tattooed scary people, teddy bears, sumo suits and, oh, a man's beaten up face.

The winner is "01.jpg", which is supposed to be a reimagining of the character Yoshimitsu.

Rock 'n Roll-themed artist Vince Ray picked the winners.

The competition was all done in the name of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is out now and very good.

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