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Watch: What can we learn about The Last of Us 2 from the trailer?

Clicker for a few theories.

At PSX over the weekend, The Last of Us 2 was finally announced with an atmospheric - albeit rather grisly - reveal trailer. The trailer focuses on main character Ellie, now nineteen years old, playing guitar in a roomful of corpses; teens, honestly.

Anyway, while light on story details, there are nonetheless a few details we can glean from taking a closer look. In the interests of squeezing as much information from the trailer as possible, I've done just that - see the video below for some finer details and one or two strange fan theories. Be warned, the video contains big spoilers for The Last of Us.

If you saw anything we missed or have any theories of your own, please do add them in the comments below. If you'd like to read more on that last theory, Tom's written a bit about it already.

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