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Watch us play Pikmin 3 from 5pm BST

Koppai load of this.

After years of false starts and shattered hopes, Pikmin 3's now only hours away from release. It's all kind of exciting - I've got one eye hungrily on the letterbox, waiting for my copy to drop, and I don't think I'm alone.

It's supposedly a stellar addition to the series, according to Chris Donlan's review from earlier this week, with a consolidation of the best parts of the first two Pikmins all wrapped in a lovingly crafted HD world. Is it enough to save the Wii U? I don't think that's going to be much of a concern to those of us lucky enough to be losing our weekends to Pikmin 3 this coming weekend, but if Nintendo can start delivering games like this on a more regular basis then it could well be the start of a turnaround.

Oh, and we'll be bringing you an hour or so of Pikmin 3's opening from 5pm BST today. Ian's never played the series, so it should be quite something seeing how he responds to Miyamoto's magical world. He could, of course, just end up saying it looks like a floral Command and Conquer.

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Pikmin 3

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