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Watch us play Battlefield 4 from 3pm BST

Both current gen versions being played through this afternoon.

Battlefield 4's out - well, it is if you're in America, anyway - and it's kind of good. The multiplayer's excellent, while the single player's kind of weak - who knew? - plus the PC version is easily the best looking of the lot. Seriously, put that surprised face away.

All the kerfuffle about next-gen platforms has left the current-gen ones a little in the shade, which actually may not be such a bad thing as it's harder to see their blemishes in the dark. You can seem them up close and personal this afternoon, though, as Ian Higton's about to play through both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions this afternoon. The Xbox 360 stream will kick off at 3pm BST, with the PS3 one commencing at 5pm, and you can find them both below.

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Battlefield 4

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