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Watch the first mission from StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Hell, It's about time.

You've really got to feel for the Protoss fans out there. Some will no doubt argue that this final StarCraft 2 campaign benefits from all that extra time in the development oven, but it has been five years. FIVE. That's a long time to wait for your favourite race to get their own lovely Blizzard cinematics.

I played four missions yesterday and I'm going to be talking about that towards the start of next week, but to begin with, here's a full runthrough of Legacy's very first mission. Set on the Protoss homeworld of Aiur, it has the player (that's me!) trying to take back the planet from the Zerg that infest it. There are a lot of units to control and it certainly feels like an invasion, but unsurprisingly, things don't go exactly to plan.

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