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Watch: The 7 scariest things in Resident Evil 7 (so far)

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Welcome back to Outside Xbox, where this week we were playing Resident Evil 7. In spite of its new first-person perspective, it feels like Resident Evil of yore, packed as it is with happily familiar Resident Evil tropes, such as minimal ammunition, a mansion full of weird door puzzles and the sinister presence of the Umbrella Corporation.

What's more, its twisted horror has lingered in our minds long since we've stopped playing. Here are the seven scariest things that have kept us up at night.

Also on our minds have been easter eggs, the fun little references hidden in games. Though occasionally they're less like fun little in-jokes, more like horrible nightmares you wish you hadn't gone out of your way to discover. Behold some of the darkest easter eggs in videogames ever to make our skin crawl.

Finally this week, we've also been playing Bridge Constructor Stunts. Where the original Bridge Constructor had you construct bridges and then stress test them to see if they stand up to traffic, Bridge Constructor Stunts has you construct bridges and then do sick jumps off them.

Technically, what we're building are ramps rather than bridges. As the main function of a bridge is to get you across a river or such, however, we reckon these count. The backflips are our own signature touch which we absolutely would not recommend if you're trying to actually stress test a bridge. Come watch Jane and I backflip our way into civil engineering history in this Xbox One gameplay.

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