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Watch nine minutes of The Signal From Tölva gameplay

The drone wars.

Open-world sci-fi shooter The Signal From Tölva has received a nine-minute developer walkthrough showing off some of its niftiest features.

Developed by Big Robot, the folks behind Sir, You Are Being Hunted, The Signal From Tölva follows the exploits of a robot investigating a mysterious signal on the other side of the planet.

Full disclosure: The Signal From Tölva director Jim Rossignol is the co-founder of Rock, Paper, Shotgun - though I don't know him personally.

As detailed by director Jim Rossignol, The Signal From Tölva will let players hack enemy robots and turn them into friendlies, setting up large scale battles between factions across the game's open plains.

Interestingly, each robot you encounter will have its own objective and you'll be able to scan them to see what their mission is. As you get further into the game you'll gain equipment to set objectives for your repurposed allies, whether that's to follow and protect you, or scout out ahead and provide a diversion while you slip through from behind.

"Watching the robots encountering each other dynamically in wide-open spaces makes for an experience in which no two battles are ever quite the same," Rossignol said of the game's large-scale combat.

The Signal From Tölva will launch early next year on PC and Mac.

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The Signal From Tölva

PC, Mac

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