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Watch: Johnny plays Dragon Age Origins for the first time, commits fratricide

In this week's Late to the Party.

Hello! This week's Late to the Party is a day late. Sorry about that, EGX Rezzed has been keeping us busy. Not too busy to plan a preemptive strike against our siblings, mind, as this week's episode will demonstrate.

In this episode, Chris Bratt sat me down to play Dragon Age Oranges for the very first time. I tried my best to make a dwarf that looked like me, but accidentally ended up making the most anaemic looking hero you'll ever see in a game. Things went swiftly downhill from there.

I mean, I think I was treated very unfairly there, but I suppose an RPG has to start somewhere. If you have any fond memories of Dragon Age Oranges, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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