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Watch: Is Firaxis done with XCOM 2?

Plus the alien unit they had to cut.

XCOM 2 is out on consoles this week and it seems to be a fairly decent port. We used this latest release date as an excuse to go and have another chat with Garth DeAngelis, the game's Senior Producer.

After asking him a few questions that he couldn't really answer (future DLC and console mod support), we get onto some more interesting topics. Like, for example, why was it so important to the team that the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown included turn timers? We even talk a little about an alien unit that ended up on the cutting room floor - that's new!

Good stuff, if you're into excellent turn-based strategy. Have a watch.

Oh and James, if you're reading this, I asked your question. Stop hassling me.

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