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Watch: Ian plays the first three hours of Skyrim Special Edition

Let's all experience the game at the same time. Which in this case is 2pm BST.

Those of you who watched my epic Fallout 4 Let's Play series will remember that my character, Mrs. Henry J. Buttminster, was a community creation. Fellow Eurogamer video man Johnny Chiodini came up with the character name and the base stats but the rest of the perks - and even the avatar's sex - were chosen by you, the viewers.

I'll be starting a similar play through today as I tackle the first three hours of the PS4 version of Skyrim Special Edition live on our YouTube channel. This time, however, I'll be playing as a distant ancestor of Henry J. whom I've decided to name Olaf Von Buttminster.

The rest of the perks and stats will again be picked at random from suggestions thrown my way in YouTube's chat box so, if you want to play a part in the creation of Tamriel's toughest warrior, make sure you're watching the video below at 2pm BST.

What's better by the way, The Elder Scrolls games or the Fallout series? Answers on a postcard, or even better, in the comments below.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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