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Watch: How will aliens change Elite Dangerous?

Thargoid problem.

You almost certainly saw the news when it landed - or rather, invaded - last week, but first contact has been made in Elite: Dangerous.

Most players assume the rather unique ship discovered in the far reaches of space belongs to the Thargoids - a notoriously aggressive alien race that's been with the franchise since its inception in 1984. It's big news either way, potentially heralding huge changes to Elite: Dangerous in the near future.

Whether or not these mysterious aliens do indeed turn out to be the Thargoids, it's intriguing stuff (certainly enough to tempt me back into the cockpit of my diamondback explorer after an eighteen month hiatus), so I've taken a closer look at what this first contact might mean for Elite: Dangerous in the video below. Spoilers: probably war.

Whether you're an Elite player or not, you have to admit that alien footage is pretty impressive - just listen to the thing. It's terrifying. Anyway, feel free to discuss the impending war (or not) against the Thargoids (or not) in the comments below.

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