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Watch: How Aoife learned to love multiplayer games again

What a D.Va.

Hopefully you've noticed this for yourselves, but the Eurogamer video team has been pretty busy in 2016. Among other things we gently stalked Reggie Fils-Aimé around E3, fed pears to chocobos and even started our own cooking show.

Paradoxically with so much going on, it can often be hard to find the time to play games purely for leisure - especially if that also involves trying to find a mutually convenient time for a bunch of friends to meet up online. Despite these challenges, however, Aoife managed to do just that in 2016, finding herself falling in love with multiplayer games all over again. Join her in the video below for a journey of rediscovery, cooking, and some pretty sweet archery skills.

That wrist flick shot on McCree, though. Just lovely. Anyway, what were your favourite multiplayer games in 2016? Feel free to share your favourites below.

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