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Watch: Doom brings old-school deathmatch to Xbox One

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Occasionally we are invited to play a first-person shooter in multiplayer matches against people who make it their business to be very good at them. Take the video below, in which Mike and Andy sample the purposefully retro sensibility of multiplayer in the rebooted Doom.

Andy: "We're at an event with other YouTubers so you might hear people saying things like 'he got merked."

Mike: "Well I did get merked, so that's fair comment."

Speaking of retro sensibilities, the new Xbox One and PS4 edition of Carmageddon: Max Damage hasn't mellowed in its old age. Consider just five of the most tabloid-baiting things about it in the gameplay footage below.

From the distant past to the alternate future, here's Show of the Week starring loopy transmedia adventure Quantum Break, in which an experimental time machine rips the space-time continuum a cataclysmic new one.

If only protagonist Jack Joyce had learned the lessons of videogame history: mucking about with time travel never pays off, except in really terrible alternate futures.

This has been your weekly update from Outside Xbox. Visit us at outsidexbox.com for further Outside Xbox videos, why not?

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