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Watch Dogs 2 patch makes "Pull over now!" policewoman chill out

Also fog.

Ubisoft will put out a patch for Watch Dogs 2 later this week that addresses one of the more annoying aspects of the open world hacking game.

Previously, when the San Francisco police were hot on your tail (because you've probably clipped a poor pedestrian - "he came out of nowhere, guv!"), you'd end up hearing a cop boom through a megaphone: "This is the police! Pull over now!"

Fair enough, right? Well, the cop in question was pretty insistent, and barked the same "Pull over now!" line so frequently you ended up wanting to chuck your controller at the screen in the hope it would shut her up. (I referenced this annoyance in my Watch Dogs 2 post-launch impressions article published in November.)

Well, Ubisoft's had a word with her, and it sounds like she's agreed to chill out.

"We've also had a talk with the "PULL OVER NOW!" policewoman and she agrees that it's not necessary to repeat that command as frequently to get the point across," Ubisoft said in the patch notes. "We're all grateful."

We are, Ubisoft. We are.

There's more to the update, of course. The patch, which arrives in preparation for the first DLC, the T-Bone Content Bundle, adds replay missions, so you can replay any mission that's part of a Main Operation, displays your Hacker Level as a stat in Marcus' phone based on followers, and adds enemy weapons to the DedSec 3D printer.

Here's an interesting one: Ubisoft has had a look at Watch Dogs 2's shooting mechanics, which most agree are weak, in a bid to make it feel more satisfying. There's improved weapon recoil, better sound on impact and bullet tracers are more visible.

And on PC, Ubisoft has fixed a timer bug that was causing San Francisco's iconic fog to appear less often than intended.

The patch notes are over at the Watch Dogs website.

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