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Watch: 7 times movie games couldn't use the star's likeness

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Hi Eurogamers, and welcome to your weekly roundup of videos from Outside Xbox. This week, inspired by Telltale's new Guardians of the Galaxy game and its non Chris Pratt Star Lord, we've been thinking about the times the developers of movie games don't have permission to use a star's likeness in their game.

Did they cancel production and go work on a farm, dreaming about what could have been? No! They subbed in some generic character model and hoped nobody noticed. Consider these times videogames did just that, with mixed (that is, mostly rubbish) results.

Also on the menu this week are FPS games, particularly those from that glorious, bizarre era of gaming, the 1990s.

After Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, the 90s became a golden age for first-person shooters. That's not to say that every 1990s FPS was a classic. Countless shooters made it to market that were weird, baffling, or starred William Shatner. Watch on for our favourite weird genre relics from that deeply strange decade in gaming.

Finally this week, we've been revisiting Hitman thanks to its Contracts mode - a list of custom targets where you can take on challenges set by other Hitman players.

In this particular contract, our challenge is to kill a guy complaining about a broken shower in the basement of Thailand's Himmapan Hotel, in a fall. Hit play below to see how we got on.

For more videos, visit us at outsidexbox.com or subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you there or back here in seven days.

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Guardians of the Galaxy (Telltale)

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