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Watch: 6 new things Xbox One S can do (and one it won't)

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

For those who pick up an S, the main advantage will be how it is smaller than the original Xbox One, which boasts the exact same size, shape and huggability as a 1980s VHS recorder. However it does have other, less obvious qualities. Here are six new things Xbox One S can do, and one that it won't.

This week also saw the launch of the first episode of Telltale's Batman series, which starts as it means to go on, by emphasising your role as Batman's billionaire alter ego Bruce Wayne.

When you play as Bruce you have to pick your way through typically nuanced Telltale conversations - or, if you are us, you choose the option that makes Bruce Wayne the biggest jerk. Show of the Week investigates just how far Telltale is willing to let us take this.

Finally this week, Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop DLC lets you make a Fallout Vault to your own specifications, at last, so long as your specifications involve tormenting all your Vault dwellers in general and one Vault dweller in particular, who is a luckless man named Clem.

Under our supervision, Vault 88 is furnished in the video below with Power Cycle 1000, which combines a healthy exercise bike with a less healthy electric chair, a soda fountain that dispenses mood-altering drugs, a slot machine rigged to take everybody's money, and an eye examination machine that just blasts your eye sockets full of radiation, it looks like.

What's the scientific value of electrocuting and drugging Clem the world's most cheerful guinea pig? Maybe you'll find out in the video! But probably you won't!

For more videos, visit us at outsidexbox.com or subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you there or back here in seven days.

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