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Watch: 5 crappy retro games based on classic British TV shows

Listen very carefully, you should play these only once.

Did you know 'Allo 'Allo! had a video game? How about SuperGran, did you know there was a game made about her? Do you even know what a SuperGran is? I bet Chris doesn't.

Whether you knew these classic TV shows had games or not, they do exist and they are absolutely terrible. Don't believe me? Then take a look at my video below where I examine some of the worst video games ever made about classic British TV shows. And also one about Edd the Duck.

Can you think of any other terrible games inspired by British TV shows that I might have missed? Someone on Twitter already mentioned Minder and I'm kicking myself for forgetting that one. If I can get enough examples I might even do a follow up video so feel free to suggest away in the comments below.

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Ian is a video producer, keen streamer, VR enthusiast, battle royale fan and retro connoisseur. He lives in the West Midlands with his ZX Spectrum collection and a troublesome cat.

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