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Watch 17 minutes of the Friday the 13th game

Press x to (avoid) Jason.

The upcoming Friday the 13th game always had a cool premise in that it's an asymmetrical competitive survival horror game that tasks seven camp counselors with escaping from Jason Voorhees, who is controlled by another player. Yet up until now, gameplay footage has been sparse. Now IGN has revealed a 17-minute video showing how a full round of the game looks in action.

Set in Higgins Haven, 1984, counselors must go through an exhaustive checklist of tasks to make their escape. For example, if you want to drive away you'll need to acquire a new battery, gasoline, and the car keys. Should you want to make your escape with your friends, you'll all need to meet up at the vehicle.

Jason can't be killed, though he can be stunned. Swinging an axe at the iconic serial killer will result in him falling over for a few precious seconds while survivors make their escape.

Players get XP for various tasks like repairing the phone lines, calling the cops, picking up weapons, and barricading doors.

What we don't see is what the game is like from Jason's perspective. We know he can teleport to some degree and players are alerted to his presence via a musical cue.

The Friday the 13th game is due in the spring. It was originally slated for autumn 2016, but developer Gun Media chose to hold off so it could add an offline single-player mode.

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Friday the 13th: The Game

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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