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Warzone Uplink Stations and crashed Satellites in the Ground Fall event explained

How to complete the Ground Fall challenges.

How Ground Fall's challenges in Warzone work - from Uplink Stations to crashed Satellites explained.

The Ground Fall event introduces two new elements to Warzone - Uplink Stations and crashed Satellites.

Despite what the map changes for Season 4 might suggest, the already downed Satellites are not what you're after - instead, you must crash a Satellite yourself.

This page explains how Uplink Stations and crashed Satellite locations work, but long story short, in our experience it involves some luck in finding them - so play as you normally would, and keep your eyes on the skies...

Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you're looking for more help, check out our on-going best Warzone weapons page and the Vanguard Royale meta.

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Warzone Uplink Station and crashed Satellite gameplay

How Uplink Station locations work in Warzone

Uplink Stations are small devices with a radar dish on top, and can be found littered across the map in Verdansk.

From our experience at the launch of the Ground Fall event, their locations appear to be mostly random. It's possible the locations themselves might be fixed, but whether they spawn at those locations will be random per match. Until we know for sure, keep a look out for them wherever you go as you play.

Because of the size of Uplink Stations, they are hard to detect from a distance - so your best chances are stumbling across them as you explore the map. (You can also find them by locating the crashed Satellite first, since one leads to the other - but more on that in later sections.)

A 'Secure' marker will appear on screen when you are close enough to an Uplink Station, which is useful if you are travelling at speed.

When you get close, you'll automatically start to secure the station. Though small, it's possible to hide behind one - so crouch or go prone to avoid detection from other players.

Once it's secured and the meter is full - it'll take between five and 10 seconds - then a crashed Satellite will drop.

How crashed Satellites and Satellite Caches work in Warzone

Once you have used an Uplink Station, a Satellite will drop from the sky close by.

This will only take a few seconds - so stay where you are, and you should hear and see it.

A look at a Satellite falling, and the on-screen marker when it lands.

If you can't detect by sight or sound, the radio will alert you that it's dropped - and an on-screen maker will show the location, which should be around 100m to 150m away.

Once close, you can then collect a reward from the crashed Satellite, such as a Loadout Drop Marker and the H.A.R.P. UAV (an Advanced UAV that lasts 90 seconds).

At launch an Armored Cargo Truck could also drop from crashed Satellites - but this was swiftly removed following an invisibility bug.

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How to complete Ground Fall's Uplink Station and crashed Satellite challenges

As part of the Ground Fall event, you have three challenges to complete related to the above new additions to Warzone:

  • In Warzone, secure 5 Uplink Stations
  • Eliminate 10 enemies while near an active Uplink Station or recently crashed Satellite
  • In Warzone, collect 3 rewards from crashed Satellites

The most difficult part is finding Uplink Stations in the first place - this will require a bit of luck in stumbling across them. However, things will become easier once they are active, as the crashed Satellite will be visible in the sky for all other players to see.

This can draw players to you - useful if you are at the eliminate enemies step - or vice versa, if you are struggling to locate a site in the first place. In short, it helps to keep watching the skies for incoming satellites whenever you play.

A very distant satellite coming in.

In our experience, you can see them from quite a distance away, so if you are lucky enough that one is close, you should have time to head over and cause some trouble - and possibly even collect the crashed Satellite reward for yourself.

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